Zak Bagans Brings Haunting Exorcism Artifacts To His Haunted Museum


Famous paranormal investigator and “Ghost Adventures” star, Zak Bagans, is taking his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas to a whole new level of terror. Bagans has recently acquired two eerie artifacts associated with real-life exorcisms that are sure to send shivers down your spine.

Key Takeaway

Zak Bagans, renowned paranormal investigator, has added the infamous “Exorcism Box” and the chilling Exorcist Diary to his Haunted Museum collection. These artifacts, associated with real-life exorcisms, are sure to send chills down the spines of visitors who dare to encounter their sinister energy.

The Sinister Exorcism Box

One of the artifacts is the infamous “Exorcism Box” that was used during the terrifying exorcisms of Anneliese Michel in the 1970s. Anneliese’s harrowing story served as the inspiration for the chilling film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” The Exorcism Box was obtained by Bagans from filmmaker Christopher Saint Booth, who wanted to part ways with it due to a disturbing experience he had with the object.

Booth claimed to have felt something growing inside him while in possession of the box. Seeking medical advice, it was discovered that the growth contained teeth and stem cells, adding an unsettling layer to the already unnerving artifact. To rid himself of its sinister influence, Booth enlisted an archbishop to perform an exorcism on the box. During the exorcism, both Booth and the archbishop reported witnessing a dark figure dart past them, believed to be the spirit of Anneliese herself.

The Haunting Exorcist Diary

As if the Exorcism Box wasn’t enough, Bagans also acquired a copy of the notorious Exorcist Diary, which served as the inspiration for the classic 1974 film “The Exorcist.” Only six copies of the diary exist, two of which are locked away in the Vatican vaults. This particular diary documents three months of exorcisms performed on a 13-year-old boy in St. Louis in 1949 and even includes a map of Hell.

According to Booth, he experienced overwhelming feelings of oppression and suicidality whenever the diary was nearby. In a chilling encounter, he claimed to have seen a horned, shadowy figure in a hotel room while in possession of the diary. The figure then scratched his ankle and pulled him out of bed, leaving Booth deeply haunted by the experience.

The Impact on Visitors

Since these eerie artifacts found their home at the Haunted Museum, guests have been quick to sense their malevolent presence. Many visitors refuse to enter the new Exorcism Room Exhibit before even knowing what lies inside, reporting feelings of lightheadedness and an unsettling energy surrounding the area.

With Halloween just around the corner and the release of “The Exorcist: Believer” in theaters, Zak Bagans’ timing in acquiring these haunting artifacts couldn’t be more perfect. Whether you’re a brave soul seeking a bone-chilling experience or prefer to steer clear of such dark forces, there’s no denying the impact these artifacts have on those who encounter them.