Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum: Terrifying Encounter With Possessed Doll


Forget Chucky, Annabelle, and M3GAN; Zak Bagans, the star of “Ghost Adventures,” has a new addition to his Haunted Museum that is causing quite a stir. A recent visitor had a bone-chilling experience after coming face to face with a doll named Lilly, resulting in a frightening fainting spell.

Key Takeaway

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum recently witnessed a spine-chilling incident involving a guest fainting after encountering Lilly, a possessed doll with a haunting history. The museum’s collection continues to intrigue and unsettle visitors with its paranormal artifacts.

The Terrifying Encounter

During a visit to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum, a man reportedly fainted after making eye contact with Lilly the doll. The disturbing incident was captured on camera as the guest collapsed and hit his head on a display stand. Fortunately, he received medical attention and regained consciousness, but he refused to engage with museum staff before promptly leaving and has not returned since.

According to Zak Bagans, Lilly’s unsettling history began when an Oregon-based antiques dealer discovered her under an old steamer trunk. The dealer started experiencing nightmares about a young girl dying a violent death soon after bringing Lilly to his store. The doll’s eerie reputation continued to grow when a young girl claimed to have communicated with the spirit inside Lilly, recounting a terrifying demise.

A Reign of Terror

Upon Zak Bagans’ investigation at the store, a woman experienced physical distress and began chanting “I must wash my hands” repeatedly after handling Lilly. Convinced of the doll’s malevolent nature, Zak added her to the collection at his infamous Las Vegas museum, where she continues to captivate and terrify visitors.