Von Miller Accused Of Aggressive Confrontation With Pregnant Woman


The Altercation and Allegations

The confrontation between Miller and the woman allegedly began inside Miller’s apartment in the Dallas area. The argument initially erupted over their weekend travel plans, according to the documents. The woman, upset, stormed out of the bedroom and entered the home office, slamming the door behind her. This action reportedly visibly angered Miller.

Key Takeaway

Von Miller, a star player for the Buffalo Bills, is facing serious allegations of assault after an altercation with a pregnant woman. The woman claims that Miller pushed, shoved, and grabbed her neck during the incident. Miller is wanted on one felony charge of assault on a pregnant person.

Authorities state that Miller entered the room and demanded the woman leave the premises. While she agreed to comply, she also mentioned her intention to retrieve a laptop and some cell phones, as they were both cohabitants of the unit. It was at this point that the altercation allegedly turned physical.

According to officials, Miller repeatedly shoved and pushed the victim as she gathered her belongings. Disturbingly, during the altercation, the woman continually shouted, “Stop, I’m pregnant.” Despite this plea, Miller allegedly pushed her onto a chair and applied pressure to her neck with one hand for a few seconds. The woman reported feeling pain but did not experience difficulty breathing.

Miller’s aggression continued as he allegedly threw the woman’s laptop onto the ground and stomped on it. When she attempted to retrieve the damaged device, the NFL player pulled her hair, causing her to fall to the ground. Officials stated that Miller subsequently pushed her onto a couch and applied pressure to her neck with both hands, causing pain but no difficulty breathing.

The Aftermath and Charges

Following the incident, the woman informed Miller that she intended to call the police. Consequently, he left the residence. When authorities arrived, they observed abrasions on the woman’s left hand, bruising on her neck, abdomen, and left bicep. It is worth noting that the victim claimed to be six weeks pregnant at the time.

As of Thursday afternoon, the 34-year-old Miller has not been formally arrested, but he is wanted on one felony charge of assault on a pregnant person. Miller, a native of DeSoto, Texas, previously played for the Denver Broncos and the L.A. Rams before joining the Buffalo Bills in 2022. Despite a notable early career with his new team, his performance has been lackluster this season as he returns from an ACL injury. The Buffalo Bills are currently on their bye week.