New Video Shows Lauren Boebert Vaping At ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical


Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert’s recent denial regarding her vaping incident has been contradicted by new video evidence. The footage appears to show her taking a hit from a vape pen during her attendance at the “Beetlejuice” musical in Denver.

Key Takeaway

Newly released video evidence appears to contradict Lauren Boebert’s denial of vaping during her attendance at the “Beetlejuice” musical. The footage shows her handling an electronic cigarette and exhaling what seems to be smoke, supporting the initial accusations made against her.

Boebert’s Controversial Theatre Visit

As previously reported, Boebert was asked to leave the “Beetlejuice” musical on Sunday night due to her disruptive behavior, which allegedly included singing along and vaping. Despite denying these accusations, the newly surfaced video suggests otherwise.

In the video, Boebert can be seen holding an electronic cigarette and bringing it to her lips before exhaling what appears to be smoke. This contradicts her earlier claims of innocence.

A Displeased Onlooker

The video also captures the reaction of a pregnant woman seated behind Boebert, who clearly expressed her disapproval of the congresswoman’s actions. The woman reportedly confronted Boebert, to which she responded by allegedly calling her a “sad and miserable person.”

In addition to this, the video shows a man accompanying Boebert, identified as a Democrat who owns a bar in Aspen, engaging in inappropriate behavior by cupping and fondling her right breast.

Boebert’s Departure and Ongoing Controversy

Following the incident, Boebert was asked to leave the theater. As she exited, she allegedly showed her displeasure by flipping off the theater staff. Before departing, she reportedly threatened to contact the mayor, claiming her position on the board grants her some sort of authority.