Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Theater Date’s Bar Flooded With Negative Reviews


A night out at the theater for Rep. Lauren Boebert has turned into a PR nightmare for Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, Colorado. Boebert’s date for the evening, Quinn Gallagher, is the owner of the bar, and online reviewers have taken to platforms like Yelp to express their disapproval.

Key Takeaway

Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar, owned by Quinn Gallagher who went on a theater date with Rep. Lauren Boebert, is facing a wave of negative reviews due to Gallagher’s behavior and his association with Boebert. The controversy has led to Yelp disabling reviews temporarily and negative comments flooding Hooch’s social media accounts.

Yelpers have flooded the bar’s page with negative reviews, but interestingly, their anger seems to be directed more towards Gallagher and his behavior that night, rather than the actual bar itself. One reviewer mentioned that Quinn was “disruptive and disrespectful in public places,” referring to the recent incident caught on camera where he and Boebert were seen enjoying the musical “Beetlejuice” a bit too intimately.

Another reviewer criticized the bar, stating, “This place sucks unless you admire an owner that dates Boobert [sic] and causes a ruckus at a theater play.” The political element also came into play, with someone else commenting, “The owner is doinking 36-year-old Grandma Boebert, who supported an insurrection against America!”

The situation has grown so out of hand that Yelp has temporarily disabled reviews for Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar, a common practice when businesses come under review-bombing attacks. The negative sentiment has spread beyond Yelp as well, with Hooch’s Facebook page being bombarded with similar criticism. Additionally, the bar’s Instagram account has disabled comments to prevent further backlash.

Despite the negative attention, Boebert has distanced herself from the situation, stating that a second date with Gallagher is unlikely due to their political differences. Interestingly, Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar has been known for its inclusive events, hosting a drag performance earlier this year as part of the city’s Pride Week, while Boebert has been critical of drag performers in the past. It seems that their differences extend beyond politics and may hinder any future outings to theatrical performances such as “Wicked.”