Rep. Lauren Boebert Ends Relationship With Theater Guy, Cites Political Differences


Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Colorado congresswoman, has confirmed that her romantic encounter with the theater groping guy was just a one-time thing and there won’t be another date. Boebert, who recently made headlines for her wild night out in Denver, addressed the situation during a conversation with a photographer at the airport in Washington D.C.

Key Takeaway

Rep. Lauren Boebert ends her short-lived relationship with theater hookup guy, Quinn Gallagher, citing their political differences as a factor. Despite the physical intimacy shared between them, Boebert has decided not to pursue a second date.

In her comments, Boebert expressed regret over the incident, particularly because it played out in the public eye. She described her actions as a form of “me time” and explained that she was simply letting loose and enjoying herself on what she believed to be a romantic date.

Surprising Political Difference

However, when the topic turned to her date, bar owner Quinn Gallagher, it became clear that their political differences may have contributed to the end of their brief relationship. Boebert admitted that she hadn’t known he was a Democrat before going out with him, but praised him as a great guy despite their opposing views.

Based on Boebert’s remarks, it appears that their encounter was a first date, which makes the level of physical intimacy between them all the more intriguing. Although she acknowledged Gallagher’s positive qualities, Boebert emphasized that she wouldn’t be pursuing a second date with him.

Moving On from the Experience

Now with the incident behind her, Boebert is ready to refocus on her work and the responsibilities that come with being a congresswoman. She recognizes that she had her moment of fun, which unfortunately resulted in public scrutiny. She views this experience as a lesson learned and a reminder that we all make mistakes, even in matters of romance.

As she wraps up her airport interview, Boebert is ready to put the incident in the past and focus on serving the people. While her rendezvous may have attracted attention, she remains determined to learn from her mistakes and move forward.