New Development In Jonathan Majors Assault Trial: Grace Jabbari Faces Cross-Examination


The ongoing assault trial of actor Jonathan Majors has reached its third day, with the focus turning to the cross-examination of his accuser, Grace Jabbari. The prosecution’s star witness is set to face questions from the defense today, after giving her account of the alleged attack yesterday.

Key Takeaway

The assault trial of Jonathan Majors enters its third day, with his accuser, Grace Jabbari, facing cross-examination from the defense. Jabbari has testified that she was the victim of an alleged attack, while Majors maintains his innocence.

During her testimony, Jabbari corroborated the prosecution’s claim that she was the victim on the night of the incident in March, which ultimately led to Majors’ arrest and assault and harassment charges. She revealed that she had taken two over-the-counter sleeping tablets earlier in the evening, which caused her to fall asleep and wake up half-naked on the bathroom floor of Majors’ apartment. When she regained consciousness, she found the police in the room and could hear Majors in the adjacent room.

Majors has pleaded not guilty and maintained that he was the one who was attacked that night, contradicting the prosecution’s narrative. According to the prosecution’s opening statement, Jabbari had been in an abusive relationship with Majors, and the incident in the private car was the culmination of that brutality.

During her testimony, Jabbari shared her side of the story, recounting that she discovered Majors texting another woman and confronted him, attempting to retrieve his phone. She claimed that Majors physically assaulted her in his efforts to keep hold of the phone. Jabbari also mentioned that when she tried to flee the car, Majors forcibly returned her to the vehicle. Prosecution played surveillance video footage for the jurors, allegedly capturing the moment of the altercation.

Jabbari then revealed that she attended a party with strangers immediately after the quarrel, in an attempt to distract herself from the incident. Though appearing unharmed in photos and videos from the club, she testified that she was actually injured and dealing with the aftermath of the altercation.

One of the dramatic moments during Jabbari’s testimony was the playing of a recording she had made during another argument with Majors. In the recording, Majors reportedly mentioned Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama, while asserting his greatness.

Jabbari further alleged that Majors had exhibited aggressive behavior towards her in the past. She claimed that he had become furious when she mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s dog. Throughout her testimony, Majors remained impassive, while his defense attorneys prepared to challenge Jabbari’s narrative.

It is expected that prosecutors will call additional witnesses, including the driver of the private car, who could provide an unbiased account of the conflict between Majors and Jabbari.