Jonathan Majors Accuser Grace Jabbari Testifies About His Anger Over Ex’s Dog


Jonathan Majors, known for his roles in movies like “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” is currently facing an assault trial. The accuser, Grace Jabbari, took the stand in a New York City courtroom and testified about their relationship and the alleged instances of aggression from Majors.

Key Takeaway

Grace Jabbari, in her testimony, revealed how Jonathan Majors allegedly became enraged when she mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s dog. This incident marked the beginning of what she claims was a pattern of aggression and control in their relationship.

The First Signs of Anger

Jabbari recounted how she first met Majors on the set of a movie, where she worked as a movement coach. According to her testimony, their relationship escalated quickly. However, in December 2021, she allegedly witnessed the first display of anger from Majors. Jabbari claimed that when she mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s dog during a conversation about Majors’ own dogs, he became furious.

Jabbari stated that Majors raised his voice at her, seemingly upset that she brought up her ex’s pet. According to her, he said, “How dare I mention him” and “It’s embarrassing to him that I dated him. His dog is pathetic.” This incident made Jabbari fearful of Majors for the first time.

Other Alleged Instances of Aggression

Jabbari continued her testimony by describing other alleged instances where Majors displayed anger. She claimed that he once threw a candle in her direction, causing damage to the wall. She also mentioned an incident where he allegedly knocked her headphones off her head. These moments, according to Jabbari, contributed to a pattern of berating behavior.

The Alleged Assault

While Jabbari did not describe the specific assault in question during her testimony, prosecutors had previously mentioned it. They claimed that Majors threw her around like a rag doll in a car after she saw a text message that she believed was from another woman. Majors has denied these allegations.

Meagan Good Shows Support

During Jabbari’s testimony, actress Meagan Good, who is connected to the case, was present in the courtroom. Majors, however, reportedly did not make eye contact with Jabbari while she was on the stand.