Jonathan Majors Accuser Testifies About Attending Birthday Party After Fight


Actress Grace Jabbari, the ex-girlfriend of Jonathan Majors, testified in court regarding an incident in which she claimed he struck her in a cab. Instead of returning home to their shared apartment, Jabbari decided to attend a stranger’s birthday party for comfort.

Key Takeaway

Grace Jabbari testified in court, stating that after an alleged altercation with Jonathan Majors, she sought refuge at a bar and attended a stranger’s birthday party for comfort.

Seeking Refuge at a Bar

Jabbari explained that she made her escape from the SUV they were traveling in over the Manhattan Bridge. Feeling the need for companionship, she sought refuge at a bar where strangers came to her aid after the alleged physical altercation with Majors. She felt deeply sad but also grateful for the three people who saved her.

As a token of her appreciation, Jabbari bought the three new friends a bottle of champagne and joined them in dancing. She also mentioned having a few shots of tequila at the bar.

Recognizing the impending pain, Jabbari began icing her finger at the bar, as she knew she would wake up in pain the following morning.

The Alleged Cab Incident

Video footage of the alleged cab incident was presented in court. The footage showed Majors leaving the car and pushing Jabbari back inside before she eventually got out and chased him down the street.

Jabbari claimed that the fight broke out after she saw a text message from a woman named “Cleopatra” in the cab. When she attempted to take the phone, Majors allegedly twisted her finger and arm. She further alleged that he then struck her across the head.

Conflicting Accounts

Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ attorney, argued that the injuries were actually sustained by Majors himself. Chaudhry claimed that Majors was scared of Jabbari and was trying to flee from her as she chased him through the streets of Manhattan.

Jabbari has previously detailed how she first met Majors and how his aggression allegedly began. She has shared a recording of Majors blowing up at her during another incident when she came home intoxicated. Additionally, she claimed that he lost his composure when she brought up her ex’s dog.

Throughout the trial, Majors’ current girlfriend, Meagan Good, has been standing by his side and offering support.