New Angle Of High School Fight Proves Jonathan Majors’ Innocence, Says Lawyer


In a surprising turn of events, Jonathan Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, has presented compelling evidence that debunks the allegations of a staged PR stunt surrounding the actor’s involvement in a high school fight. Chaudhry argues that a new angle captured by a fellow student and posted on Elon Musk’s app undermines any notion of falsification.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, presents a new angle in the highly publicized high school fight, refuting allegations of a staged PR stunt. The revelation, supported by a student witness, firmly asserts the authenticity of the incident.

Fighting Back Against Conspiracy Theories

When news broke of Jonathan Majors breaking up a heated altercation between two high school girls near Hollywood High, skeptics were quick to accuse the actor of orchestrating a publicity stunt. These conspiracy theorists further speculated that the individuals involved were paid actors.

However, Chaudhry vehemently disputes these claims, calling them “absurd.” She points to a social media post on Elon Musk’s app, purportedly shared by a student who attends the same school as the girls in the altercation. This post includes a previously unseen angle of the fight, further validating its authenticity.

A Witness Provides Solid Confirmation

In light of Chaudhry’s assertion, it appears that one of the students involved in the fight has substantiated the legitimacy of the incident. Their public statement corroborates Jonathan Majors’ lawyer’s assertion that the altercation was not staged but a genuine occurrence.

Investigation Underway

The Los Angeles Unified School District has confirmed that they are conducting an investigation into the incident. However, due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, a spokesperson declined to provide further details about the students involved.