Jonathan Majors Refers To Meagan Good As ‘Missus’ At D.C. Gala


Jonathan Majors, known for his roles in popular films and series, dropped a hint at the Black and White Gala in D.C. that he and Meagan Good might be more than just a couple. The gala, hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus, saw Meagan as one of the keynote speakers, and Jonathan provided support from the stage.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Majors caused a stir when he referred to Meagan Good as “the missus” during the Black and White Gala in D.C., hinting at a potential marriage between the two. Their relationship, though relatively new, has seen them traveling together and supporting each other through challenging times.

During her speech, Meagan expressed her gratitude for the turnout and the presence of so many Black individuals supporting a positive cause. Towards the end, she turned to Jonathan, affectionately calling him “Babe” and asked if he wanted to say anything.

Jonathan’s response raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about their relationship status. He referred to Meagan as “the missus,” strongly implying that she is Mrs. Majors. The audience reacted with a mix of applause and curiosity, captivated by the suggestion.

While neither Jonathan nor Meagan elaborated further on their relationship, this small interaction has set the internet abuzz. The potential revelation of their marriage would certainly be a significant development, considering their relatively short time as a couple.

Despite their seemingly fresh connection, the pair has been inseparable, both domestically and internationally. Recent sightings have shown Jonathan and Meagan traveling together around the world. Furthermore, Meagan has stood by Jonathan’s side during his ongoing criminal case in New York City, drawing both support and criticism.

This public display of affection towards each other showcases Meagan’s belief in Jonathan’s character, as he continues to maintain his innocence in the face of allegations. Additionally, Jonathan’s actions outside of their relationship, such as breaking up a fight involving high school students in Los Angeles recently, demonstrate his commitment to doing what is right.