Jonathan Majors Explains His Use Of Coretta Scott King’s Name Amid Backlash


Jonathan Majors has responded to the criticism he faced for repeatedly invoking Coretta Scott King’s name in the context of his personal relationships. The actor, who recently faced legal troubles, expressed his admiration for the late civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Majors has faced criticism for his repeated references to Coretta Scott King, but he maintains that his intentions were rooted in admiration and respect for her legacy.

Defending His Actions

In a recent interview, Jonathan Majors defended his use of Coretta Scott King’s name, stating that he intended to convey his utmost respect for her achievements and the legacy she shares with her husband. He also praised his girlfriend, Meagan Good, comparing her support to that of Coretta, referring to her as an angel who has stood by him.

Response to Criticism

Following the interview, Dr. Bernice King, Coretta and Martin Luther King’s daughter, publicly criticized Majors, emphasizing that her mother should not be used as a prop. In response, Majors reiterated his deep admiration for Coretta, describing her as a great woman and an important figure in American and world history.

Controversy Surrounding Trial

The controversy surrounding Majors’ use of Coretta Scott King’s name also extends to audio clips presented during his trial, where he urged his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, to emulate Coretta and Michelle Obama. This context adds further complexity to the ongoing debate.