Judge To Weigh Unsealing Docs As Jonathan Majors’ Assault Trial Begins


Jonathan Majors, the actor known for his roles in “Lovecraft Country” and “The Harder They Fall,” has finally appeared in court as his assault trial begins in New York City. The trial, which has faced several delays, stems from an alleged incident where Majors is accused of roughing up his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, during an argument in March. Majors has denied the allegations from the beginning, claiming that he was the one who got hurt in the altercation.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Majors’ assault trial has commenced, with allegations of him roughing up his ex-girlfriend. The trial will also consider the unsealing of a previously undisclosed police report. Majors’ personal life and career have been affected by the ongoing proceedings, while his relationship with Meagan Good remains a topic of public interest.

Delays and Allegations

The trial, originally set to begin months ago, has been pushed back multiple times, leading to heightened anticipation. Throughout this period, there have been leaks of information, photos, and videos related to the case. Majors’ defense team has argued that these leaks portray Jabbari, the alleged victim, seemingly uninjured and enjoying a night out on the town following the incident.

Adding another layer to the case is a previously sealed police report from London, which was entered into evidence by prosecutors. The contents of this report, dating back six months prior to the incident involving Majors and Jabbari, have remained undisclosed. Media outlets have filed motions to unseal the report, and a judge is expected to make a decision on this matter before the trial proceeds.

Personal Life and Professional Implications

As the trial unfolds, the public’s attention has also been drawn to Majors’ personal life. The actor has recently entered into a relationship with actress Meagan Good, who has been by his side throughout the court appearances. Good has chosen not to comment on the specifics of her involvement or publicly address the allegations against Majors.

While Majors has retained his role in Marvel’s upcoming projects, such as “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” the trial has had professional implications for him. He has reportedly lost film and TV opportunities due to the allegations made by Jabbari. The outcome of the trial will not only determine Majors’ legal standing but may also have significant career consequences.