Jonathan Majors’ Sentencing Hearing Delayed, Team Seeks Verdict Set Aside


Jonathan Majors, the acclaimed actor, was set to face his sentencing today for charges of assault and harassment. However, the proceedings have been postponed for two months as his legal team seeks to have the conviction overturned entirely.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Majors’ sentencing hearing has been delayed as his legal team seeks to have the guilty verdict set aside, citing flawed prosecution strategy and inconsistent charges.

Legal Maneuvers

The actor’s sentencing hearing, originally scheduled for Tuesday, has been rescheduled for April 8. This delay comes as a result of last-minute motions filed by Majors’ legal team, who are pushing to set aside the guilty verdict delivered in December. The team is arguing that there were grounds for the verdict to be overturned, citing insufficient evidence presented at trial, inconsistent charges, and what they perceive as a flawed prosecution strategy.

Legal Arguments

Majors’ lawyers are contending that the prosecution’s approach during the trial was flawed, as they allegedly presented an “intentional” assault argument to the jury but ultimately provided instructions for a potential conviction on the basis of “reckless” assault. This discrepancy has formed the crux of their motion to set aside the verdict, as they assert that the inclusion of “reckless” assault as a potential conviction was unjustified and unfair to their client.

Future Proceedings

With the next hearing set for April, the judge will have the task of ruling on the defense’s motion to vacate the conviction, as well as addressing the matter of sentencing. The outcome of these legal maneuvers will determine the next steps in this high-profile case.