Jonathan Majors Removed From Marvel Studios After Guilty Verdict


Jonathan Majors, known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been dropped by Disney’s Marvel Studios following a guilty verdict in a recent trial. This decision has significant implications for the future of the MCU and the portrayal of a key villain character.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Majors, known for his role as Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, has been dropped by Marvel Studios following a guilty verdict in a trial. This decision has led to significant changes in the studio’s plans for future Marvel projects.

Marvel Cuts Ties

Following a guilty verdict in his trial, Jonathan Majors, who played Kang the Conqueror in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ and the Disney+ show ‘Loki,’ has been removed from all future MCU projects by Marvel Studios. This decision includes his role as the iconic Marvel villain, Kang.

Implications for the MCU

Jonathan Majors was expected to reprise his role as Kang in at least two upcoming Marvel films, with the character being positioned as a central figure in the MCU’s future storyline. However, Marvel’s decision to part ways with Majors indicates a significant shift in their plans for the franchise.

Legal Situation

Jonathan Majors faced charges of assault and harassment, resulting in a guilty verdict for reckless assault and harassment. Despite the possibility of an appeal from his attorney, Marvel Studios swiftly made the decision to sever ties with the actor in light of the trial’s outcome.