Marvel’s Decision To Pivot Away From Jonathan Majors


Jonathan Majors’ recent assault conviction has led to his removal from future Marvel projects. However, a new report suggests that Marvel was already planning to pivot away from the actor even before his conviction.

Key Takeaway

Marvel had already been considering minimizing Jonathan Majors’ involvement in their future projects before his assault conviction, citing financial considerations as a significant factor in their decision-making process.

Marvel’s Response to Jonathan Majors’ Conviction

Following Jonathan Majors’ guilty verdict on charges of harassment and assault, Marvel swiftly announced that they would no longer be working with him. This decision came as a surprise to many, but according to a recent report by THR, Marvel had already been considering minimizing Majors’ involvement in their upcoming projects.

Marvel’s Original Plans for Jonathan Majors

Initially, Marvel had intended to feature Jonathan Majors as a significant villain in their upcoming ‘Avengers’ movie, titled ‘The Kang Dynasty.’ However, the report reveals that Marvel is now revising their plans to exclude Majors’ character’s name entirely from the film. Additionally, they are reworking their future slate of movies to either reduce Kang’s role or diminish his significance in the overarching storyline.

Marvel’s Decision Based on Financial Considerations

According to sources cited by THR, Marvel’s decision to distance themselves from Jonathan Majors was influenced by financial factors. The report suggests that Majors’ appearance in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ did not meet the studio’s expectations in terms of financial success. As a result, Marvel believed that audiences were not enthusiastic about seeing more of Majors’ character, Kang.

Implications of Marvel’s Decision

Despite Jonathan Majors’ ongoing legal proceedings and efforts to appeal his conviction, Marvel’s actions indicate a definitive shift away from the actor. The studio’s decision to distance themselves from Majors suggests that they have already made up their minds about his future involvement in their projects.