Von Miller Denies Domestic Violence Allegations, Calls Claims ‘100% False’


Von Miller has broken his silence on the domestic violence claims against him, vehemently denying the allegations and calling them “100 percent false.” The Buffalo Bills superstar addressed the media for over 10 minutes to share his side of the story, following his arrest roughly one month ago for allegedly roughing up his pregnant girlfriend during an argument in Dallas.

Key Takeaway

Von Miller has firmly denied the domestic violence allegations against him, asserting that they are entirely false. Despite the ongoing investigation, he has been permitted to continue playing for the Buffalo Bills.

Miller’s Defense

During the media session, Miller repeatedly stated that he did not lay a hand on his girlfriend, emphasizing, “All of it is incorrect. All of it is untrue.” He adamantly asserted, “Never in any of my relationships that I’ve been in, never in my current relationship with my girlfriend, did any of those things happen.”

Disputing the Allegations

Miller was accused of pushing and shoving his girlfriend and putting his hands around her neck following a dispute over travel plans. In 911 audio, Miller’s alleged victim can be heard describing the incident, claiming, “My boyfriend was choking me, hitting me, pulling my hair.” However, Miller refuted these claims, stating, “All of it is incorrect.”

Legal Status

Despite the allegations, Miller has been allowed to continue playing for the Bills as the investigation remains ongoing. He has not been criminally charged in the case. Regarding his current relationship, Miller assured the public that “Everything is normal” and described the incident as “just a crazy day.”