Keke Palmer’s Ex Darius Jackson Denies Abuse Allegations: New Details Emerge


Keke Palmer’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, is refuting the abuse allegations made against him by Keke. In fact, he has turned the tables and made his own claims against Keke’s mother, Sharon, accusing her of threatening to shoot him.

Key Takeaway

Darius Jackson, the ex-boyfriend of Keke Palmer, denies the abuse allegations made against him and accuses Keke’s mother of threatening to shoot him. The custody dispute over their infant son, Leo, has intensified the conflict between the former couple. The court has granted Keke a temporary restraining order and sole custody of the child, but Darius will get a chance to present his defense at a future hearing.

Argument Over Custody

The latest issue between Keke and Darius centers around the custody of their infant son, Leo. According to sources close to Darius, he had texted Keke to arrange a visit to watch football with his son last Sunday. However, when he arrived at Keke’s place, Leo was not there.

This disagreement led to a heated argument between Darius and Keke. At some point during the argument, Keke decided to involve her mother, Sharon, by putting her on speakerphone. Sources reveal that Sharon, in a fit of anger, began screaming and swearing at Darius. It was during this exchange that Sharon allegedly threatened to shoot him, escalating the situation further.

The Alleged Altercation

In an attempt to control the situation, Darius tried to grab Keke’s phone from her hands. This incident is depicted in one of Keke’s exhibits, which was submitted as part of her restraining order filing. The footage shows them struggling and wrestling on the couch.

Darius vehemently denies any abusive behavior towards Keke. According to our sources, the police were called to the scene due to the altercation but found no evidence of domestic violence. They did not even file a report, which supports Darius’ claims.

Response from Darius’ Mother

Upon learning about the alleged threat, Darius’ mother, Yhinyer, confronted Sharon via text message. The details of their conversation have not been disclosed.

It should be noted that Keke also included screenshots from a previous altercation between her and Darius on the stairs in February 2022 in her restraining order filing. The exact cause of that incident remains unknown.

In the midst of these conflicting claims, a judge granted Keke a temporary restraining order as well as temporary sole custody of their child. A hearing is scheduled for December 5, where Darius will have the opportunity to present his side of the story.