Usher Downplays Keke Palmer Situation, Focuses On Super Bowl Halftime


Usher is speaking out about the recent controversy surrounding his viral moment with Keke Palmer, stating that he believes the situation has been blown out of proportion. In an interview on “The Breakfast Club,” the R&B icon addressed the differences between his Vegas shows, including the one that caused tension between Keke and her boyfriend.

Key Takeaway

Usher believes that the controversy surrounding his interaction with Keke Palmer has been sensationalized and used the situation to their advantage through the “Boyfriend” music video.

During the interview, Usher was asked if he felt any guilt about potentially jeopardizing Keke’s relationship with Darius Jackson over the 4th of July weekend. While he acknowledged that the internet played a role in amplifying the situation, he expressed no regrets for their subsequent collaboration on the “Boyfriend” music video, which leaned into the moment.

Despite the lingering interest in Keke and Darius, Usher shifted the focus to his recently announced Super Bowl LVIII Halftime performance. According to Usher, he received the news from Jay-Z, who woke him up early in the morning about a week ago with the good news. However, when pressed about potential guest appearances during the halftime show, Usher played coy and didn’t reveal any details.

While fans speculate about who might join Usher on the big stage, many are still anticipating his Vegas shows, with the strong possibility of Jermaine, Justin, and Jon making appearances alongside him. Regardless, Usher remains focused on delivering a memorable performance at the Super Bowl, putting the Keke Palmer situation behind him.