Von Miller Alleged Assault Victim Describes Bloodied And Bruised Encounter On 911 Call


A pregnant woman who was allegedly assaulted by NFL star Von Miller during a violent altercation on Wednesday called 911 to report the incident. Describing herself as bloodied and bruised, she recounted how Miller, whom she identified as her boyfriend, had physically attacked her.

Key Takeaway

A pregnant woman alleges that NFL player Von Miller physically assaulted her, leaving her bloodied and bruised. While Miller turned himself into the police, the woman has since recanted her story, claiming it was blown out of proportion.

The Disturbing 911 Call

The 911 call was made shortly after the assault, with the woman sounding distressed as she recounted the details to the dispatcher. She stated, “My boyfriend was choking me, hitting me, pulling my hair.” She added that she had visible bruises all over her body and her hair was disheveled.

Concerned about her injuries, the operator inquired if she needed medical assistance. However, the woman was uncertain and replied, “I don’t know,” revealing that she had blood on her as well.

A Case Unfolds

Court documents revealed that when the police arrived at the scene, the woman explained that the confrontation had erupted from an argument over their plans for weekend travel. According to the documents, Miller became visibly angry, physically pushing and shoving her before placing his hands on her neck. In the midst of the alleged assault, the woman told Miller, “Stop, I’m pregnant.”

Von Miller left the scene before the police arrived, but an arrest warrant for felony assault was later issued. On Thursday, he turned himself in and was subsequently released on bond after taking a mandatory mug shot.

The Woman’s Change of Heart

However, the woman seems to have now recanted her initial statement. In a text message to reporters from WFAA, she claimed that things were blown out of proportion and denied any assault occurred. She deemed the situation “insane” and “sad.”

Repercussions for Von Miller

As news of the alleged assault spread, the Buffalo Bills, Von Miller’s current team, released a statement expressing awareness of the situation and a commitment to gathering more information. This incident comes at a challenging time for Miller, who had been expected to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame before experiencing a downturn in his performance this year due to an ACL injury.