Vegas Strip Club Offers Kroy Biermann $150k For Provocative Performance


Kroy Biermann, former NFL player and reality TV star, has been presented with a rather unconventional opportunity to alleviate his financial woes. Kings of Hustler, a prominent male strip club in Las Vegas, has put forth an enticing offer, promising Biermann a whopping $150,000 to showcase his strip tease skills at their establishment.

Key Takeaway

Kroy Biermann has the chance to earn a substantial sum of

50,000 by performing a strip tease act at the Kings of Hustler strip club in Las Vegas. The offer, which includes a 15-minute stage performance, lap dances, and a ride on the club’s mechanical bull, could potentially alleviate Biermann’s financial troubles.

The manager of Kings of Hustler, Brittany Rose, is confident that Biermann will not only earn the set amount but also rake in substantial tips from the enthusiastic crowd. However, there are certain conditions attached to the proposal. Biermann will be required to perform a 15-minute live strip tease on the club’s stage, donning nothing more than his underwear. Additionally, he will have to cater to the desires of high-paying patrons by offering lap dances upon request.

As an added bonus, Biermann will have the opportunity to ride the club’s infamous attraction, the “Golden Boner.” This mechanical bull, meticulously designed to resemble a golden phallus, promises to add an extra element of excitement to his performance.

The lucrative offer was extended to Biermann’s team on Wednesday, however, it remains uncertain whether he will accept or decline the proposition.

It is no secret that Biermann and his ex-wife, Kim Zolciak, are currently facing significant financial difficulties amidst their divorce. Biermann has already sought court permission to expedite the sale of their Georgia home, which is now in pre-foreclosure.

In an attempt to make mortgage payments, Biermann resorted to selling his personal belongings, but the situation remains precarious. The $150,000 offer from Kings of Hustler may provide him with some much-needed relief, assuming he decides to embrace the opportunity and give the crowd an unforgettable performance.

For now, all eyes are on Biermann as he contemplates whether to embark on this provocative venture that could potentially offer a ray of hope in his current financial dilemma.