Top 10 richest eSports clubs

There are more tournaments and higher prize pools. Here is Volodymyr Huda’s view of the richest teams in the world, who have made a lot of money from their own sports results. Check out a more extensive list of teams, or learn more about your favorite that didn’t make a list here https://profilerr.net/cs-go/pro-players/settings/.


On the Profilerr site, you can see not only a large list of teams, but also with matches, prizes, and each player individually: his personal achievements, settings, and stack of equipment. 

10th place: eStar Gaming ($2.2 million)

King Pro League Spring 2022 Winner (Arena of Valor, $1 million)

King Pro League Summer 2022 Finalist (Arena of Valor, $442,000)

CrossFire Pro League Season 19 Finalist (CrossFire, $117K) 


This top is opened by a little-known club from China in the community. eStar has no lineups in popular MOBAs and shooters, but it makes great money in the mobile disciplines that are taking over the Asian market – Arena of Valor, CrossFire Mobile, and CoD Mobile. As you can see, the prize money there is no less than in CS:GO.

9th place: G2 Esports ($2.2 million)

Winner of BLAST Premier World Final 2022 (CS:GO, $500k).

RLCS 2021-22 World Championship finalist (Rocket League, $400K).

Finalist of IEM Season XVI Katowice (CS:GO, $180 000).


European organization successfully develops several directions. CS:GO and Rocket League teams showed the best results in 2022, but League of Legends and Rocket League squads deserved their moment of glory. Also worth mentioning is G2 Gozen, who became the Valorant Girls’ World Champion. 

No. 8: Wolves Esports ($2.2 million)

 Winner of King Pro League Summer 2022 (Arena of Valor, $982,000).

King Pro League Spring 2022 Finalist (Arena of Valor, $545,000).

Winner of the Call of the Abyss V Global Finals (Identity V, $263,000).


Wolverhampton FC in England is one of the most successful examples of the adaptation of a soccer club in cybersports. And if, for example, in Dota 2, the organization only supports Evil Geniuses, then on the Asian market it operates independently. 


And, we have to say, quite successfully – the “Wolves” have at least the world’s best roster for mobile MOBA Arena of Valor, which every year is becoming more and more noticeable even in our country. 

7th Place: PSG Esports ($2.7M)


Winner of Riyadh Masters 2022 (Dota 2, $1.5M)

5th-6th place winner at The International 2022 (Dota 2, $662k).

Finalist of the PGL Arlington Major 2022 (Dota 2, $100k).


But the efforts of the French PSG to gain a foothold in various areas of cybersport are not yet justified against the background of difficulties in the Rocket League and the composition of PSG. Talon on LoL successful decision looks like the purchase of the Chinese LGD on Dota 2. But even that team performed poorly in 2022. As a result, the club lost several positions at the top.

6th place: Natus Vincere ($2.8M)

Winner PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PUBG, $1 million)

2nd place winner at PMGC 2021: Grand Finals (PUBG Mobile, $630k)

Winner BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 (CS:GO, $200k).


For the main NAVI team represented by the Counter-Strike squad, the season was not too successful. But the baton picked up players in PUBG, which brought to the club’s coffers more than half of all prizes for the past 12 months.


 But other rosters (Dota 2, Apex Legends, and so on) need to step up, otherwise, it will be increasingly difficult for “born to win” to maintain its world-class club status. 

5th place: Team Secret ($3.2M)


Finalist of The International 2022 (Dota 2, $2.4M)

3-4th place at the Riyadh Masters 2022 (Dota 2, $ 425k)

12th place at PMGC 2021: Grand Finals (PUBG Mobile, $ 60k)


Just like in previous years, the Dota 2 squad brought the most money to the club, this time they made it to the TI Finals. PUBG Mobile, Rocket League, and Valorant teams are far from being leaders and earn only tens of thousands in prize money.

4th place: FaZe Clan ($3.4M)

Winner PGL Major Antwerp 2022 (CS:GO, $500k).

3rd place at the Six Invitational 2022 (Rainbow Six Siege, $240K)

Third place in the RLCS 2021-22 World Championship (Rocket League, $200,000).


2022 was one of the most successful years for the club in terms of results. The dominant CS:GO lineup in the spring was noteworthy, with FaZe Clan winning four top tournaments, including the majors, and earning nearly $2 million. 


As a result, FaZe got rid of the stigma of being a “media club” and showed that media activity and promotion of the players’ results tag is at least not a hindrance. This command from the United States still has a lot ahead of it.

3rd place: Nova eSports ($3.8 million)


Winner PMGC 2021 Grand Finals (PUBG Mobile, $1.5M)

Winner Wild Rift Icons 2022 (Wild Rift, $640K).

2nd place winner at Peacekeeper Elite League Summer (PUBG Mobile, $628k)


The Chinese club grabbed the lead in two mobile disciplines at once this year – PUBG Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Although it is too early to compete for the top spot, Nova is already ahead of CS:GO and Dota 2.

2nd place: Team Liquid

($4.3M)3rd place at The International 2022

(Dota 2, $1.7M)Finalist BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 ($250k)

3rd place winner at Gamers8 2022 (Rainbow Six Siege, $155k)


“The Riders are a unique club from the United States that originated in the Netherlands. In one year, Team Liquid has played in 219 tournaments – a record by a wide margin: thus, FaZe Clan has only 88 tournaments, while Team Secret has 29.


With the exception of Dota 2, the other squads individually have not earned that much, but all together make Liquid a mastodon that only one club in the world can compete with.

1st place: Tundra Esports ($9 million)

Winner of The International 2022 (Dota 2, $ 8.5 million)

Winner FNCS: Chapter 3 Season 2 EU Grand Finals (Fortnite, $150k)

7th-8th place winner at the Riyadh Masters 2022 (Dota 2, $150k)


For years, the club that wins The International in Dota 2 has earned the most prize money. The 2022 tournament didn’t break the record for money, but it’s still big – at least more than all the other games combined.


Tundra has Fortnite players and a Rocket League roster in addition to the Dota roster, but without the success of 33 and Co., they would have been within the top 100 at most.