Kim Zolciak Sells High-End Designer Wear Amidst Financial Struggles With Kroy Biermann


Reality TV star Kim Zolciak is making a bold move to tackle her and estranged husband Kroy Biermann’s staggering debt by selling some of her designer clothing online. In an attempt to turn a profit, she recently listed a range of high-end items, including handbags and shoes.

Key Takeaway

Kim Zolciak is selling her designer clothing online in an effort to address her massive debt and potentially reconcile with estranged husband Kroy Biermann. The high-end items she’s selling come with premium price tags, reflecting her desire to make a substantial profit. This move signifies their determination to overcome their financial woes and hints at the possibility of salvaging their relationship.

Selling at a Premium

It seems that Kim is determined to recoup as much as possible from her designer collection. The prices she’s asking reflect the luxury brands she’s offering: a Chanel Shearling bag will set you back $5,900, while a grey Louis Vuitton purse comes with a $4,500 price tag. If you’re after a pair of Gucci mink heels, be prepared to shell out $1,250, and her Balmain plastic heels are priced at $600. It’s clear that Kim is only interested in serious buyers with deep pockets.

A Sign of Reconciliation?

This impromptu sale could be seen as more than just an effort to address their financial difficulties. It might also be viewed as a peace offering to Kroy amid their ongoing divorce. In the past, Kroy resorted to selling off his belongings to alleviate their money troubles, and he asked Kim to do the same. However, it was reported that instead of contributing to their debt, she sold some of her items and kept the cash for herself.

There have been recent indications that the couple’s relationship is on the mend. Kim has updated her Instagram handle to include “Biermann” as her last name, and they were spotted out together celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. These actions suggest that there may still be hope for a reconciliation, despite the divorce proceedings.

Using Fashion to Bounce Back

Kim’s decision to sell off her designer wear is a calculated move to dig herself and Kroy out of their financial hole. With her high-priced items, she’s aiming to generate significant funds. The couple’s debt is substantial, and it’s clear that they’re taking drastic measures to overcome their financial challenges.