New Credit Card Lawsuit Hits Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann Owes $11k


Reality TV star Kim Zolciak and her husband, former NFL player Kroy Biermann, continue to navigate a challenging financial landscape as they find themselves embroiled in yet another legal battle. This time, Kim has been hit with a new credit card lawsuit. Meanwhile, a different judge has ordered Kroy to pay a substantial five-figure debt.

Key Takeaway

Kim Zolciak is facing a new credit card lawsuit from Chase Bank, while Kroy Biermann has been ordered to pay a significant debt of

1,275.45 by Discover. The couple’s financial woes continue to worsen, adding to the challenges they are already facing.

The Lawsuit Against Kim Zolciak

In a recent development, Chase Bank has filed a lawsuit against Kim Zolciak, claiming that she has an outstanding balance of $4,624.02 on her credit card account. The bank has provided statements dating back to November 2022, outlining her payment delinquencies. Chase Bank is now seeking to reclaim the unpaid sum, insisting that the balance has continued to increase over time.

Kroy Biermann Ordered to Pay $11k

In a separate legal matter, Kroy Biermann has been handed a judgment by the court. Discover is suing him for an $11,275.45 debt, which had become overdue. Kroy failed to file an official response to the lawsuit, resulting in a default judgment. As a result, he is now required to pay the full amount owed, along with $111 in court costs.

Unraveling Financial Woes

The mounting lawsuits are just a part of the financial difficulties that Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have been facing. Previous reports have highlighted their ongoing financial struggles, which extend beyond credit card debt. While the couple is in the midst of a divorce, rumors suggest that they are trying to reconcile and work through their issues, despite their challenging financial situation.