Kim Zolciak And Kroy Biermann Enjoy Hibachi Lunch Date Amidst Previous Fight


Reality TV stars Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann seem to have patched things up after a recent explosive fight that led to their kids calling the police. The couple was spotted having a delightful lunch together at Kani House, a Japanese steakhouse and sushi joint in Duluth, Georgia.

Key Takeaway

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann were seen sharing a pleasant lunch date at a Japanese steakhouse, indicating a possible reconciliation despite their recent explosive fight and ongoing financial struggles.

In a typical fashion, Kim documented their date on social media, capturing the moment on camera and even asking Kroy why he doesn’t perform knife tricks in the kitchen like the hibachi chef. Kroy, off-camera, humorously responded that he saves those tricks for when Kim is not around, which may make sense considering they are currently living in separate areas of their house.

During lunch, the hibachi chef crafted a heart-shaped rice dish for Kim and Kroy, a touch that Kim found adorable and endearing.

Previous Fight and Financial Issues

The jovial and relaxed atmosphere of the lunch date is a stark contrast to the events of last week when the police were called to their home due to a heated argument witnessed by their children. The couple had been embroiled in ongoing financial disputes that escalated to a breaking point, leading to the public altercation.

Despite their significant financial troubles, Kim and Kroy have not let their challenges prevent them from enjoying extravagant outings, as seen before when they celebrated their anniversary with a lavish dinner. This recent lunch outing seems to be in line with their willingness to still have fun and make the most of their time together.