Travis Kelce’s Hilarious Take On Taylor Swift’s ‘Terrifying’ Conversation With Dad


Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar, recently joked about a “terrifying” conversation that took place between his dad, Ed Kelce, and pop sensation Taylor Swift. The encounter occurred during a Thursday Night Football matchup last week, leaving Travis worried about what transpired between the two.

Key Takeaway

Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce jokes about the conversation between his dad, Ed Kelce, and Taylor Swift during a recent football game. Travis expresses concern, calling the conversation “terrifying,” due to his dad’s unpredictable nature. However, he also acknowledges his dad’s positive qualities as the “best f***ing dad in the world.” Travis and Taylor’s relationship remains intact despite the humorous incident.

Travis’s Concerns

During his appearance on the “New Heights” podcast with his brother Jason, Travis expressed his apprehension about the conversation. He explained that while meeting his mom, Donna, is one thing, his dad is an entirely different story. Travis jokingly referred to the conversation as “terrifying” and revealed feeling sorry for Taylor Swift.

Travis’s concern stems from the fact that their dad can be unpredictable and quite the wildcard. Since they didn’t know what was said during the conversation, the possibilities for its content are endless. According to Jason, if their dad is talking to someone and they can’t hear what’s happening, there’s no telling where the conversation might lead.

The Jokes and Comforting Words

Jason and Travis jokingly discussed the pairing of their dad, Ed Kelce, with Taylor Swift. Jason quipped that their dad shouldn’t be talking to Taylor Swift in the first place. However, both brothers added that their dad is the “best f***ing dad in the world.” Travis also credited Ed as the source of Jason’s storytelling skills, adding a touch of light-heartedness to the situation.

Travis and Taylor’s Relationship

Despite the humorous tone surrounding the conversation, Travis and Taylor’s relationship remained unaffected. The couple spent the whole weekend together in New York City before parting ways.