The Enduring Admiration: Travis Kelce’s Affection For Taylor Swift


Travis Kelce, the renowned Kansas City Chiefs tight end, has captured not only the attention of football fans but also the curiosity of music enthusiasts due to his unwavering admiration for the pop icon Taylor Swift. Over the years, Kelce has openly expressed his fondness for Swift, whether it be through dance, conversation, or even making friendship bracelets.

Key Takeaway

Travis Kelce, the renowned Kansas City Chiefs tight end, has long been an admirer of Taylor Swift. From playful games to heartfelt gestures, Kelce’s affection for Swift shines through, captivating both sports and music enthusiasts alike.

The Game of Kiss, Marry, Kill

In 2016, Kelce found himself confronted with a popular game during an interview – “Kiss, Marry, Kill.” Presented with the choice between Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, Kelce playfully selected Swift for a kiss, while Perry obtained the long-term option. This lighthearted interaction offered fans a glimpse into Kelce’s appreciation for Swift’s music and persona.

Grooving to the Tunes

Renowned for his lively personality, Kelce showcased his love for Taylor Swift once again earlier this year. In February, he delighted fans by dancing along to a remix of Swift’s 2008 hit, “Love Story.” Sporting a pair of pink shades borrowed from an audience member, Kelce exhibited his enthusiasm for Swift’s music and the joy it radiates.

Friendship Bracelets and “Eras” Tour

In July, Kelce decided to take inspiration from Swift by creating friendship bracelets for the participants of Tight End University, an event he co-founded with NFL stars George Kittle and Greg Olsen. This thoughtful gesture not only demonstrated Kelce’s fondness for Swift but also embodied the values of camaraderie and companionship.

To further highlight his admiration, Kelce attended Swift’s “Eras” tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium, coincidentally his home turf. However, he lamented not being able to present Swift with a bracelet during her visit to the venue, playfully expressing his disappointment.

A Hinted Crush

In a recent exchange amongst his Chiefs teammates, Kelce’s celebrity crush from his younger years became a topic of discussion. As Kelce contemplated his response, teammate Marquez Valdes-Scantling promptly interjected, naming Taylor Swift. Although Kelce ultimately settled on Christina Aguilera, this playful banter only fueled the speculation surrounding his enduring affection for Swift.