New Harvard Course Explores Taylor Swift’s Art And Love Life


In an exciting development, a new course titled ‘Taylor Swift and Her World’ will be offered at Harvard University starting next semester. Led by Harvard English professor Stephanie Burt, this course promises to delve into the literary merit behind Taylor Swift’s art, including her relationships, such as her current beau Travis Kelce.

Key Takeaway

A new Harvard course, ‘Taylor Swift and Her World,’ led by Professor Stephanie Burt, will focus on the literary merits of Taylor Swift’s music while also exploring her relationships, including Travis Kelce. This course reflects academia’s recognition of Taylor Swift’s profound impact on both popular culture and the world of music.

Emphasizing the Artistic Merit of Taylor Swift’s Work

Professor Stephanie Burt, a self-professed Swiftie, dismisses any notion that her personal admiration for Taylor Swift is the sole reason for teaching this course. Instead, she passionately explains that Taylor’s work and fanbase have garnered significant attention and are worthy subjects of study.

An Insightful Exploration of Taylor Swift’s Relationships

While the focus of the course lies in examining the literary aspects of Taylor’s music, Professor Burt acknowledges the inherent link between her personal life and songwriting. Consequently, the course will also explore Taylor’s relationships, although it is worth noting that Travis Kelce might not receive excessive attention as Taylor has yet to immortalize their connection through a song.

Academia’s Fascination with Taylor Swift

Harvard University is not the only academic institution captivated by Taylor Swift’s impact on popular culture. The University of Florida and Arizona State University have also introduced their own Taylor-centric courses. This widespread interest only cements academia’s appreciation for Taylor’s artistic contributions.

Enthusiastic Response and Anticipation

The announcement of the course at Harvard has already generated immense interest among students and fans alike. Professor Burt reveals that hundreds of individuals have already signed up for the Spring semester, eager to explore the multidimensional world of Taylor Swift.