Travis Kelce Spotted With Mysterious Mark In Chiefs Game, Taylor Swift Fans React


Taylor Swift’s fans are seeing red — more than usual — because Travis Kelce was spotted with a big ol’ red mark on his neck that’s giving hickey vibes in a big way … at least to Swifties!

Key Takeaway

Travis Kelce was seen with a noticeable mark on his neck during the Chiefs game, sparking speculation among Taylor Swift’s fans.

The Mysterious Mark

We present Exhibit A: The Chiefs’ tight end was all red-neck’d, in a good way, during the Chiefs’ game against the Patriots last weekend. Yes, some eagle-eyed fans were still looking at pics from the Dec. 17 game when they discovered what they think is Taylor’s love mark on her man.

Fan Speculation

As you can imagine, they’re going nuts over it. Of course, Taylor was in the stands at the Chiefs/Pats game with her dad, Scott — who is usually an Eagles fan, but threw on some Chiefs garb to show support.

The Reality

Now, Swifties aside — just for a moment, gang — and we have to say that mark on Trav’s neck could easily be an ingrown hair or a shaving scar. Yes, we’re the wet blanket.

The Disappearance

Whatever it was … the hickey-esque thingy seemed to be gone in time for the Chiefs game on Christmas day game against the Raiders.

As we reported, Taylor’s become an honorary member of the Chiefs, according to QB Patrick Mahomes … and she was in her luxury box Christmas day, cheering on her boo with Santa by her side — who we’re told is actually her brother, Austin.