Taylor Swift Cheers On Travis Kelce At Kansas City Game


Taylor Swift continues to show her support for her rumored beau Travis Kelce as she attends yet another one of his games in Kansas City. This time, she is present at Arrowhead Stadium as the Chiefs take on the Chargers.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift has been attending Travis Kelce’s games, demonstrating her growing commitment to their relationship and her unwavering support for the Chiefs tight end. Despite potential fan reactions, Taylor’s frequent presence at the games solidifies their bond.

The pop star has been spotted in a private suite, cheering on the Chiefs alongside other players’ families. Although she has not been mentioned by the announcers in the CBS broadcast, footage of Taylor at the game has already surfaced.

One clip shared by the NFL captures Taylor dancing with Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, and their baby. It seems that Pat’s younger brother, Jackson, is also in the mix. Sporting Chiefs gear as usual, this marks Taylor’s third time attending a game to support Travis Kelce.

A Tradition Taking Shape

Attending Travis’s games has become a tradition for Taylor, highlighting the seriousness of their relationship. Throughout this season, Taylor has been seen at a total of four of his games, solidifying her commitment to their growing connection. Her first appearance was back in late September when she cozied up next to Travis’s mom, Donna.

Although Taylor skipped one game in Minnesota, she made sure to attend the matchup against the Broncos last week. And now, she’s back in Kansas City once again to support Travis and the Chiefs.

It seems that Taylor’s presence at Travis’s games is becoming increasingly regular. If their relationship continues, locals can expect to see her more frequently, showing her unwavering support for her man.

Potential NFL Fan Reactions

Despite Taylor’s frequent appearances, the announcers have not made much mention of her being in attendance. This could potentially reflect the mixed reactions from NFL fans towards her presence at the games.

As the season progresses, it remains to be seen if the announcers will name-drop Taylor during the broadcast. In the meantime, Taylor will undoubtedly continue to support Travis and the Chiefs as they strive for success on the football field.