Lance Bass Proclaims, “Not Taylor Swift!” At NFL Game


Lance Bass, the *NSYNC star, made quite a splash at Monday night’s Chargers game at SoFi stadium. As the broadcast shifted its focus to the crowd, it eventually landed on Bass, who was sitting in a private suite with his entourage. What caught everyone’s attention was the sign he had propped up, which read “NOT TAYLOR SWIFT.” Sporting a smile and waving, Bass successfully trolled both the NFL and Taylor Swift, providing a lighthearted moment for fellow spectators.

Key Takeaway

Lance Bass jokingly distances himself from being mistaken for Taylor Swift at the Chargers game.

This playful incident further adds to the string of jokes aimed at the NFL and, of course, Taylor Swift. Recently, there has been extensive media coverage of Taylor’s relationship with Travis Kelce, especially whenever she attends his games in person.

So far, Taylor has attended three football games, and each one has garnered significant attention. Her initial appearance in Kansas City was surreal, while her second outing in New Jersey, accompanied by her famous friends, created an equally buzzworthy moment.

Although Taylor skipped Travis’ third game against the Minnesota Vikings, she made another appearance just last Thursday when she showed up in Kansas City for his game against Russell Wilson and the Broncos.

Throughout these games, Taylor has been seen enthusiastically cheering and showing her support. However, her constant camera time has raised the eyebrows of some football fans.

It seems that Lance Bass is aware of the ongoing championship of Taylor’s attendance at Travis Kelce’s games and wanted to jokingly clarify that he is not Taylor Swift. His humorous sign at the Chargers game provided a much-needed moment of levity in Los Angeles.