Travis Kelce Praises Taylor Swift For Her Genius And Mind-Blowing Talent


Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, recently opened up about his deep admiration for pop icon Taylor Swift in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. While many praise Swift for her looks and musical talent, Kelce goes beyond that, expressing his fascination with her intellect and the valuable lessons he learns from her.

Key Takeaway

Travis Kelce praises Taylor Swift not only for her looks and musical talent but also for her intelligence and the valuable insights he gains from her. Kelce also applauds Swift’s ability to transform personal experiences into powerful lyrics. They share common values, especially when it comes to family. Despite his mother’s televised understatement about meeting Swift, Kelce assures her she handled the situation perfectly. Swift may not be physically present at Kelce’s upcoming game, but her support from Brazil is undeniable.

Describing his experience being around Swift, Kelce emphasizes her intelligence and how it has been truly mind-blowing for him. He acknowledges that he is constantly learning and growing from their interactions, and he greatly appreciates the depth of her thinking.

Appreciating Taylor Swift’s Words

In addition to her intelligence, Kelce has a profound admiration for Swift’s ability to translate her own experiences into meaningful lyrics. He specifically mentions a line from her hit song, “Blank Space,” where she sings, “I could make a bad guy good for the weekend.” This showcases his appreciation for her talent and the relatable emotions she conveys through her music.

A Meeting of Like Minds

Kelce also has high praise for Swift’s values, particularly when it comes to family. As a self-proclaimed family guy, he finds common ground with the importance Swift places on her own team and the support her family provides during her career. This alignment of values is something that Kelce deeply appreciates and feels is compatible with his own beliefs.

How they first connected is an interesting story in itself. Kelce reveals that after expressing his interest in Swift on his podcast, someone in her circle played matchmaker, leading to direct contact between the two. This initial connection eventually blossomed into a deeper relationship that continues to grow.

Moments and Regrets

During the interview, Kelce also mentions an amusing anecdote about his mother’s initial meeting with Taylor Swift. He refers to a TV appearance where his mother, Donna, downplayed meeting Swift, saying it was just “okay.” Kelce explains that his mom was simply trying to play it cool, but he reassures her that she handled the situation perfectly.

Looking Ahead

As Kelce prepares for a big game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Swift, unfortunately, won’t be in attendance due to her ongoing tour in Brazil. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that she will be cheering him on from afar as he takes the field.