New NFL Romance: Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce


In a recent interview, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed his support for the budding relationship between pop superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Goodell stated that their romance has been “great for the league” and commended the positive impact it has had on both Swift’s fanbase and NFL enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway

The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has voiced his support for Taylor Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, stating that their relationship has had a positive impact on both Swift’s fanbase and the NFL. Goodell sees the attention they receive as beneficial for the league, welcoming the exposure it brings.

Embracing the Tayvis Phenomenon

During the interview on “CBS Mornings,” Goodell emphasized his delight in witnessing the happiness of Swift and Kelce in their relationship. He acknowledged the connection they have formed with their fans, as well as their newfound connection to the world of professional football. Goodell praised Swift as an “unbelievable artist” and Kelce as an “unbelievable player.”

According to Goodell, the attention garnered by the couple is beneficial to the NFL, as it brings increased exposure and engages a wider audience. He expressed his enthusiasm in welcoming the attention the Tayvis phenomenon has brought to the league.

A Power Couple: Taylor and Travis

Taylor Swift’s presence at Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs games has been widely publicized. Broadcast crews have frequently captured moments of Swift cheering on Kelce from her exclusive suite seats. The couple has continued to embrace their connection, with Kelce even flying to Argentina to attend one of Swift’s ‘Eras’ shows during his bye week.

Reports suggest that the power couple will be spending the holidays together, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. The approval of Kelce’s boss, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, further solidifies the support they have received.