Taylor Swift Ad Booed By New York Giants Fans At MetLife Stadium During ‘Monday Night Football’


The highly-anticipated Monday Night Football matchup at MetLife Stadium took an unexpected turn when New York Giants fans showed their displeasure with a Taylor Swift ad. Despite Swift’s recent appearance at Kansas City Chiefs games and her growing connection with Travis Kelce, Giants supporters made it clear that they were not fans of the Tayvis craze. The reaction from the crowd was loud and boisterous, as jeers filled the stands when a promo for Swift’s “Eras” tour movie appeared on the big screen.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift’s ad was met with boos from New York Giants fans during a Monday Night Football game at MetLife Stadium. Giants supporters expressed their frustration with the excessive attention given to Swift’s connection with Travis Kelce, as well as her growing impact on the football world. The Giants’ poor performance in the game further added to the disappointment for fans.

Swift’s Impact on Football

Taylor Swift’s presence at recent football games has dominated headlines, capturing attention and generating excitement within the league. The NFL has capitalized on Swift’s popularity by leveraging her name and image across its social media platforms. However, Giants fans expressed their frustration with the excessive attention given to the budding relationship between Swift and Travis Kelce.

A Private Connection

Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been spotted together numerous times, sparking speculation about a potential romance. The couple has met in private settings and even displayed some public affection at a party in Kansas City. Swift’s appearance at MetLife Stadium during Travis Kelce’s game against the Jets further fueled rumors of their burgeoning relationship.

Star-Studded Support

During the game against the Jets, Taylor Swift was not alone in her VIP suite. She was joined by her celebrity friends, including Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman. This star-studded gathering added to the buzz surrounding Swift’s attendance at the game.

The Giants’ Woes

While Taylor Swift’s ad may have received a chilly reception, it wasn’t the only frustration for New York Giants fans that evening. The team’s lackluster performance against the Seattle Seahawks resulted in a disappointing loss, with a final score of 24-3. The combination of both the unsatisfactory game and the overwhelming presence of the Tayvis hype left Giants supporters eager for a swift escape.