Travis Kelce Receives Special “On The Map” Friendship Bracelet At Jets Game


Travis Kelce, the talented Kansas City Chiefs football player who recently became romantically involved with pop superstar Taylor Swift, received a heartwarming surprise during the Jets game on Sunday. A dedicated fan of Swift, named Krissy, went out of her way to hand-deliver a friendship bracelet to Kelce, showcasing her support for the blossoming romance.

Key Takeaway

Travis Kelce, the football star, received a heartfelt friendship bracelet from a dedicated Taylor Swift fan named Krissy. The gesture symbolizes the support for Kelce and Swift’s relationship and the playful notion that Swift has contributed to Kelce’s rise in fame.

Showing Swiftie Love at the Stadium

Krissy, a Swift supporter, documented her journey on TikTok, sharing how she created not just one, but two bracelets. Alongside Kelce’s, she also made one for the wife of Kelce’s brother, Jason, before the Eagles game on Sunday morning at MetLife Stadium.

A Mission to Meet Kelce

After getting inside the stadium, Krissy, accompanied by a friend, embarked on a mission to find Travis Kelce amidst the crowds. Determined to hand off the special gift, she went to great lengths to sweet talk the security guards and get close to the football star.

A Special Token of Appreciation

After navigating the security obstacles, Krissy successfully managed to reach Kelce and present him with the carefully crafted friendship bracelet. The bracelet bore the words “On The Map,” a playful nod to the fans who humorously claim that Swift has propelled Kelce to newfound fame.

Public Displays of Affection

Although Kelce and Swift have been dating for a few weeks, they recently decided to make their relationship public. Over the weekend, the couple was seen engaging in public displays of affection during their outings in New York City. Hand-holding, enjoying romantic dates, and spending late nights together have all hinted at the love that is blossoming between them.