Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Skeletons Haunt Indiana For Halloween


Get ready for a spooky surprise this Halloween as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make an unexpected appearance in Indiana. It seems that their rumored romance has taken a bone-chilling turn, with giant skeleton versions of the two stars now standing tall in a town called Zionsville.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have become the centerpiece of Halloween decorations in Zionsville, Indiana. Their larger-than-life skeleton versions have captured the attention of locals and passersby, making Michal Owens’ front lawn a must-see attraction this spooky season.

Outside the house of Michal Owens, these larger-than-life skeletons have become the talk of the town. Standing at an impressive 12 feet, the skeleton version of Taylor Swift dons a shimmering dress straight out of her iconic Eras Tour wardrobe. Michal went all out to capture Taylor’s essence, even sewing three wigs together to recreate her signature blonde hair. And, of course, no Taylor Swift persona would be complete without a bejeweled microphone firmly in hand.

But Taylor isn’t the only one to receive the Halloween treatment. Just a few feet away from “Skaylor” as Michal refers to them, Travis Kelce makes an appearance in bone form. Dressed in a massive Kansas City Chiefs jersey and sporting a larger-than-life mustache, this eerie depiction of Travis adds to the Halloween spectacle.

Michal admits that her Halloween decorations have attracted quite the crowd to her front lawn. Passersby are stopping to admire the undead lovers and snap photos. However, she hopes that the excitement won’t lead to any accidents or crashes.

As Halloween approaches, it’s safe to say that the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce skeletons won’t be the only viral Halloween decorations inspired by the pop star. Fans and enthusiasts from all over are eagerly awaiting more surprises and creative costumes as they celebrate the season.