Flavor Flav Excited About Taylor Swift Harvard Course And Presidential Ambitions


Flavor Flav, the iconic rapper and member of Public Enemy, is an avid supporter of Harvard University’s new course on Taylor Swift titled “Taylor Swift and Her World.” He recently expressed his enthusiasm for the course outside ABC Studios in NYC, affirming his willingness to enroll and highlighting the benefits it will bring to the English Department at Harvard.

Key Takeaway

Flavor Flav expresses his excitement for Harvard University’s new course on Taylor Swift and enthusiastically endorses her potential as a future presidential candidate.

Professor Stephanie Burt is currently developing the coursework for the upcoming spring semester, and Flav believes it is an ideal opportunity for artists like himself to delve into the complexities of Taylor Swift’s music and lyrics. In fact, Flav’s admiration for Taylor’s music is so strong that he proudly holds a fan club membership card, receiving the coveted platinum stamp during her “Eras” tour earlier this year.

The Relatability of Taylor’s Music

Flavor Flav believes that Taylor Swift’s music is highly relatable, just like the works of other renowned artists such as Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige. However, he asserts that Taylor’s appeal expands beyond comparisons to fellow singers. According to Flav, if Taylor Swift were to run for president, she would outshine politicians like Joe Biden and Donald Trump, leaving them no chance to secure victory. He confidently declares his unwavering support for “Team 1989,” referring to Taylor’s well-received album.