Travis Kelce Talks About Taylor Swift’s Surprising Lyric Change


Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, recently expressed his shock and excitement when pop superstar Taylor Swift gave him a shout-out during a concert in Buenos Aires. The NFL star revealed that hearing Swift modify the lyrics to her song “Karma” blew him away.

Key Takeaway

Travis Kelce was pleasantly surprised when Taylor Swift included a lyric change about him in her concert performance. The NFL star, who is dating Swift, shared his astonishment and excitement at the unexpected recognition. Kelce also revealed some details about their Argentine getaway and the strong connection they share.

Unexpected Recognition

Kelce opened up about his trip to Argentina to visit his new girlfriend, Taylor Swift, during a recent episode of the podcast “New Heights.” With their relationship being public knowledge, Kelce decided to share some details about their vacation.

The football star shared that he had an incredible time on the trip and that it was his first visit to a country below the equator. He mentioned that he and Swift, accompanied by her father, enjoyed a delightful dinner, savoring some delicious Argentine steak.

An Electrifying Experience

Kelce went on to describe his exhilaration at attending Swift’s concert the following day. He expressed how electrifying the atmosphere was and how special it felt to be present for the performance.

However, the highlight of the concert was Swift’s modification of the lyrics to “Karma.” Kelce confessed that while he had an inkling that it might happen, the moment still shocked and overwhelmed him. Hearing Swift sing, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” left him in awe.

An Apologetic Moment

In the midst of the excitement, Kelce revealed that he inadvertently missed a high-five from Swift’s father during the commotion. He playfully apologized to Mr. Swift for his blunder.

Additionally, Kelce proudly shared that he managed to persuade Taylor’s dad to switch his football allegiance from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Kansas City Chiefs. This news wasn’t exactly well-received by his brother, Jason Kelce, who happens to be the star center for the Eagles.

Looking Ahead

Although Kelce’s busy football schedule will prevent him from attending any more Swift concerts in the near future, he expressed confidence in their relationship’s ability to withstand the distance. As the Kansas City Chiefs continue their weekly games leading up to the playoffs, Kelce and Swift’s bond remains strong and resilient.