Jason Kelce Hints At Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Dating Rumors


Jason Kelce, star center of the Philadelphia Eagles, was recently asked about the rumors surrounding his brother Travis Kelce’s love life, particularly his alleged relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. While Jason did not explicitly confirm or deny the rumors, his response certainly hinted that there might be some truth to the speculation.

Key Takeaway

Jason Kelce’s response to the dating rumors between his brother Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift suggests that there may be some truth to the speculation. While he did not provide any direct confirmation, his comments implied that Travis is indeed enjoying himself romantically. Neither Travis nor Taylor Swift has commented publicly on the matter.

After the Eagles’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Jason Kelce joined his quarterback Jalen Hurts on the postgame set for an interview on Amazon Prime. The conversation initially revolved around football, but it took an unexpected turn when Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez brought up Travis Kelce’s romantic life.

Tony Gonzalez, addressing Jason, mentioned his teenage daughter being a fan of a certain pop star and asked Jason if he could comment on the rumors surrounding Travis. Jason, with a smile, initially evaded the question, stating, “I’ve seen these rumors. I cannot comment.” However, his subsequent remarks did little to dispel the speculation.

Referring to the public fascination with Travis’ love life since his reality show “Catching Kelce,” Jason acknowledged that Travis is indeed enjoying himself. He cryptically added, “We’ll see what happens with whoever he ends up with.”

The dating rumors between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift first surfaced in July when the NFL tight end attended one of her concerts at Arrowhead Stadium. Travis had devised a clever plan to give Taylor his number, although he later admitted that the scheme had failed. Despite that, rumors persisted that the two had managed to spend time together in the subsequent weeks.

Neither Travis, who was previously in a public relationship with model Kayla Nicole in 2022, nor Taylor Swift has addressed the speculation publicly.