Sophie Turner Claims Joe Jonas Is Illegally Refusing To Allow Kids To Return To England


Sophie Turner, the popular actress known for her role in Game of Thrones, is currently engaged in a legal battle with her ex-husband, Joe Jonas, over their two children. According to Turner, Jonas is unlawfully keeping their children in New York City and she is determined to have them “returned” to England, which they had previously established as their permanent home.

Key Takeaway

Sophie Turner is engaged in a legal battle with Joe Jonas over their children, alleging that he is unlawfully keeping them in New York City and refusing to allow them to return to England. Turner has filed legal documents citing the Hague Convention, seeking a court order for the return of the children.

Desire to Raise Kids in the UK

In April 2023, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas made the decision to make England their permanent home. They had discussed their desire to raise their children in the UK and have them attend school there. Turner believed that England would provide a safe environment for their kids to grow up in. In her legal documentation, Turner details various activities and engagements that their children have participated in while in England.

Temporary Agreement and Current Dispute

Due to Sophie Turner’s busy shooting schedule for a “very intense” and time-consuming series, she and Joe Jonas agreed that the children would stay with Jonas while the Jonas Brothers toured the US. However, it was understood that Turner would return to New York in September, after finishing her filming, to collect the children and return to England.

However, during a recent meeting between Turner and Jonas to discuss their separation, Sophie reiterated her plans to take the children to England. To her surprise, Joe Jonas refused to return the children’s passports to her and declined to send them back to England. Faced with this alleged refusal, Turner filed legal documents in federal court, citing the Hague Convention, an international treaty that deals with child abduction across country lines. She is seeking a court order that would require Joe Jonas to surrender the passports and return the children to her.

Moving Plans and Divorce Details

It is worth noting that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had already sold their Miami home in August and had planned to move to England. They had been searching for a new home overseas since December of the previous year, even touring a couple of spots. Turner argues that they have been living in the UK for five months now and questions Jonas’ decision to change the course of their plans.

Furthermore, Turner discusses the reasons behind their split, mentioning an argument that occurred on August 15th and Joe Jonas filing for divorce on September 1st. Turner found out about the divorce through the media on September 5th. She claims that they had previously agreed that the children would follow her to England in September, but on September 19th, Joe’s attorney informed her team that the children would not be returning to England.

As of now, no response has been received from Joe Jonas or his representatives regarding the situation.