Sophie Turner And Taylor Swift Spotted Together Amid Joe Jonas Divorce


Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner seem to have more in common than just Joe Jonas – they have each other, as they were recently seen together for the second time in a week!

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were seen together for the second time in a week, amidst Sophie’s divorce from Joe Jonas. The two seem to be forging a strong friendship while Joe and Sophie battle it out in court.

The former flames of Joe were caught on camera hanging out at the Hotel Barriére Fouquet in New York City on Thursday night, amidst Sophie’s ugly divorce from Joe.

Sophie, dressed in a white t-shirt and a gray skirt, arrived first to spend the evening solely with Taylor, who, let’s not forget, dated Joe for a few months back in 2008.

Moments later, the superstar arrived in an SUV driven by her chauffeur, with two burly bodyguards to protect her. Looking elegant and chic, Taylor stepped out of her car and entered the hotel with several friends trailing behind.

On Tuesday, Taylor and Sophie were photographed arm-in-arm, entering the Italian-style restaurant Via Carota to enjoy a dinner together. With last night’s outing, it seems that the two are quickly becoming best friends.

All of this is unfolding while Sophie and Joe are embroiled in a divorce battle in court, and now in federal court as well. As we reported, Sophie filed a lawsuit against Joe just hours before her second rendezvous with Taylor.

In the lawsuit, Sophie accuses Joe of illegally keeping their daughters in the Big Apple instead of allowing them to return to England with her. She even cited a law regarding parental abduction.

Joe vehemently denied the allegations, stating that it is Sophie who has crossed the line by attempting to violate a Florida court order that restricts both parents from relocating their daughters.

That’s the reality… Even if Joe and Sophie had agreed to move to England when they were together, that agreement is no longer binding for the divorce judge. The judge’s goal is to ensure the best interest of the two girls, agreement or no agreement.

A few weeks ago, Joe filed for divorce from Sophie in Dade County, citing an irretrievably broken 4-year marriage and requesting joint custody of their two young daughters.