Sophie Turner Files Lawsuit Against Joe Jonas For Custody Of Their Daughters


Though tensions are high between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner as they navigate their divorce proceedings, the former couple was spotted together just a few days prior, enjoying a family lunch with their daughters.

Key Takeaway

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were seen having a peaceful lunch with their children just before Sophie filed a lawsuit against Joe for custody rights.

The pair was photographed on Monday at Momofuku Noodle Bar Uptown in New York City, sitting happily together with their two children. Witnesses reported that there was no sign of drama and that everything seemed amicable.

However, it remains unclear whether the four arrived together or separately and who brought the children if they were not together.

These points are particularly significant given recent events involving the couple.

As previously reported, Sophie filed a federal lawsuit against Joe on Thursday, claiming that he unlawfully prevented her from taking their children to live in Europe, a plan that had allegedly been in motion for some time. She further alleged that Joe had concealed the children’s passports, complicating matters.

Sources close to Joe claim that he was completely blindsided by Sophie’s lawsuit.

In a statement from his team, it was revealed that they were simply adhering to a judge’s order in Florida, which stipulated that the children cannot be relocated during the divorce process. Joe stated that once things settle down, he is fully committed to resolving a custody plan, even if it means the children reside in a different country.

Since the lunch with Joe, Sophie has been seen around town with her new apparent friend, Taylor Swift. The two were spotted together on Tuesday and Thursday nights in New York City.