Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Divorce Case: Who Will Handle It?


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce case took center stage in a Miami courtroom on Wednesday, with Joe’s lawyer revealing that there is a heated dispute over which country’s judge should handle the proceedings. The outcome of this decision could have significant implications for both parties.

Key Takeaway

The divorce battle between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has reached a critical point as the two parties argue over which country’s judge should handle their case. The decision of jurisdiction could substantially impact the outcome of the divorce, including custody arrangements for their children.

The Battle for Jurisdiction

There is a lot at stake in this divorce case. If an American judge presides over the proceedings, Joe Jonas would have a clear advantage as he would be on familiar ground. On the other hand, if a UK judge is chosen, Sophie Turner would gain the upper hand. Joe’s lawyer, Thomas Sasser, made it abundantly clear that Sophie’s counsel is arguing for the case to be handled in the UK, citing their family’s move to the country as the primary reason.

While Sophie’s lawyer did not explicitly respond to this claim in court, reliable sources indicate that this is indeed the position being taken by Sophie’s legal team. It seems that both sides are digging in their heels, leaving the decision of jurisdiction up in the air.

The Impact on Custody

The location of the divorce proceedings could have far-reaching consequences, especially when it comes to the custody of the couple’s two children. If a UK judge is appointed, it is highly likely that the primary residence of the children will be in the UK. Understandably, Joe Jonas is not in favor of this outcome, as it would potentially limit his access to his children.

Incidentally, this divorce case has already spilled over into federal court. Just last week, Sophie Turner filed a claim alleging that Joe violated a federal child abduction law by refusing to hand over their children’s passports for a trip to England. The federal judge ruled in favor of Sophie for the time being, ordering that the children must remain in the New York area.

The Miami judge handling the divorce case stated in court that he will comply with the federal judge’s ruling. If the federal judge determines that the United States is the appropriate venue, the Miami judge will continue to oversee the case. However, if the federal judge deems otherwise, a UK judge will take over.

The ongoing dispute regarding the divorce case between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner is bound to attract further attention as the legal teams present their arguments. The final verdict will determine not only the future of their marriage but also the direction their lives will take moving forward. Stay tuned for updates on this high-profile divorce battle.