Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas’ Divorce Shocks Elvis Impersonator From Their Vegas Wedding


The Elvis impersonator who officiated Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Las Vegas wedding is surprised and heartbroken by the news of their divorce. Jesse Garon, who has overseen countless nuptials, never expected their marriage to end so soon.

Key Takeaway

Jesse Garon, the Elvis impersonator who officiated Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding, is surprised and heartbroken by their divorce.

The Vegas Wedding

In 2019, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner tied the knot in a Las Vegas wedding officiated by Elvis impersonator Jesse Garon. The ceremony was far from the stereotypical spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding, as the couple had been dating for about three years.

Jesse Garon, who thought that Joe and Sophie would live happily ever after, initially thought that the news of their divorce was a joke. He was shocked to learn that Joe had filed for divorce after only four years of marriage.

A Sudden Ending

The news of Joe and Sophie’s divorce came as a surprise to everyone, including Jesse Garon. He questions whether Joe gave their marriage his all in trying to make it work, as he feels that four years is not a long time.

According to reports, Joe filed for divorce after allegedly discovering Ring camera audio/video footage that signaled the end of their marriage. The trigger for the singer was something he heard or saw on the footage.

An Unexpected Memento

Jesse Garon had plans to attend one of the Jonas Brothers’ concerts in Las Vegas, and he intended to give Joe a memento from the wedding. He wanted to present Joe with the ring pop wrapper from the ring he had given Sophie on their special day.

Jesse Garon wants fans to understand that he should not be blamed for the bitter ending of Joe and Sophie’s marriage. As their union comes to an end, he remains shocked and saddened by the news.

While the world processes this unexpected divorce, Jesse Garon will forever remember the joyous moments he shared with Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas during their Vegas wedding.