Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s UK Estate Dream Shattered: No “Forever Home” For Them


Despite Joe Jonas’s expressed desire to make a UK estate their “forever home,” it seems unlikely to have any impact on the judge’s decision regarding their divorce from Sophie Turner. The law simply doesn’t work that way.

Key Takeaway

Contrary to Joe Jonas’s expressed desire to make a UK estate their “forever home,” the family’s lack of established residency in the country is likely to result in their divorce proceedings being handled by a US judge. The failed sale of the UK estate further undermines their plans to move. Ultimately, the judge will prioritize the best interests of the couple’s two children in determining their future living arrangements.

A Letter of Intent

Sophie Turner submitted a letter in court documents in which Joe expressed his interest in moving their family to the UK. The letter, addressed to a homeowner, stated, “We could tell that your family have truly loved living here and we can envision our children growing up here and making this our forever home.”

While the letter may demonstrate Joe’s desire to live in the UK, it’s important to note that the family never established residency there. They have always resided in the United States. As a result, it’s highly likely that a US judge, not a UK judge, will preside over their divorce proceedings.

A Failed Sale

Contrary to previous reports, sources reveal that the agreement to purchase the UK estate for $7.5 million never actually closed. The sale remains in escrow, indicating that the Jonas-Turner family never acquired residency in England.

In fact, Joe, Sophie, and their children, Willa and Delphine, have never lived anywhere for longer than 6 months, except for their time in Florida, where Joe filed for divorce.

The Best Interests of the Children

Furthermore, it is essential to consider that once a divorce is filed, any previous plans regarding future living arrangements may change. The primary concern for the judge will be determining what is in the best interests of Joe and Sophie’s two children, especially considering that the parents will now live on separate continents.