Russell Simmons Praises Lyor Cohen’s Fundraising, Dismisses Claims Of Rap’s Demise


Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam and a veteran figure in the hip-hop industry, has voiced his perspective on the current state of rap music. Despite the numerous complaints about the quality of rap music this year, Simmons remains unfazed and optimistic.

Key Takeaway

Russell Simmons, a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, remains optimistic about the future of rap music. Despite the criticisms, he applauds Lyor Cohen’s fundraising efforts and believes that rap can still create a positive impact in society. Simmons acknowledges that the genre has evolved but emphasizes that it is far from being dead.

City of Hope x Pass The Mic Fundraiser Celebration

Recently, Russell Simmons attended the City of Hope x Pass The Mic fundraiser celebration, which left him in awe. The event featured iconic artists such as T.I., Big Daddy Kane, Redman, EPMD, and LL Cool J, who delivered electrifying performances. Simmons, who traveled all the way from Bali to be a part of the event, described it as a must-not-miss experience.

Lyor Cohen’s Philanthropic Efforts

During the interview, Simmons also took the opportunity to commend his friend and fellow hip-hop mogul, Lyor Cohen. Cohen played a significant role in raising millions of dollars towards cancer treatments, particularly focusing on minority communities. The impressive amount of $4.3 million was raised, indicating that the hip-hop community can still make a meaningful impact in the world.

Rap’s Future Amidst Doubts

While a number of artists, including Joe Budden, Layzie Bone, Bow Wow, and Fabolous, have expressed skepticism about the future of rap, Russell Simmons believes that their reactions have been exaggerated. He maintains that rap music continues to evolve and adapt, acknowledging that it may differ from the days of the past.