KISS Icons Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Sued Over KISS Guitar Tech’s COVID Death


A new lawsuit has been filed against rock legends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the iconic band KISS, alleging negligence in the death of their longtime guitar tech, Francis Stueber, who contracted COVID-19 while on tour with the band. The suit, brought forth by Stueber’s family, claims that the spread of COVID amongst the tour personnel was initiated by Stanley, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for KISS.

Key Takeaway

A new lawsuit has been filed against KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, accusing them of negligence in the death of their guitar tech who contracted COVID-19 while on tour. The family alleges that lax safety protocols and a lack of proper medical care contributed to their loved one’s demise.

COVID Outbreak and Lax Safety Policies

The lawsuit states that COVID started spreading amongst the tour personnel in August 2021 when Stanley himself contracted the virus. The family alleges that the band’s lax safety policies contributed to the further spread of the virus during the tour.

According to the suit, anyone on tour who tested positive for COVID was instructed to isolate in a hotel room in the city where the band was performing. However, the protocols offered little in terms of medical support or assistance.

Negligence in Medical Care

Specifically, the suit points out that Stueber contracted COVID-19 while in Detroit and was told to isolate in a Sheraton hotel. Despite promises made by KISS’s longtime manager, Doc McGhee, the family claims that medical personnel were not arranged to visit and examine Stueber at the hotel.

The lawsuit reveals that another tour member was asked to check on Stueber at the hotel, but tragically, he was found dead upon arrival. Stueber’s death occurred just two days after he tested positive for the virus.

Legal Action and Damages

In light of these allegations, Stueber’s family is seeking damages from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Doc McGhee, Marriott hotels, and Live Nation. They hold the belief that the negligence of the defendants directly contributed to Stueber’s untimely death.

As of now, there has been no response from representatives of KISS regarding the lawsuit.