New Developments Discovered In Kodak Black’s Pills Case: Motion To Dismiss Files


Kodak Black, the popular rapper, has recently filed a motion to dismiss his drug possession case, claiming that the pills found in his possession were not illegal substances, but rather over-the-counter medication. His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, argues that the arrest and subsequent charges were a waste of taxpayer money.

Key Takeaway

Kodak Black’s lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss his drug possession case, stating that the pills found in his possession were over-the-counter medication, not illegal drugs.

The arrest took place in July 2022 in Ft. Lauderdale. Kodak Black was charged with possession of a controlled substance and trafficking oxycodone. However, according to the motion to dismiss, the pills seized from his possession were tested and found to be Tylenol, a widely available OTC pain reliever.

In addition to challenging the validity of the drug charges, Bradford Cohen also accuses the Broward Sheriff’s Office of a cover-up involving FBI Special Agent James Mitchell, who he claims is biased against Kodak Black. Cohen further alleges that prosecutors attempted to withhold a body cam video showing an officer surveilling Kodak and making threatening remarks.

Cohen asserts that the pills that were tested have been destroyed, and no official report was ever provided to support the charges. He believes that these actions were part of a “coordinated takedown” of Kodak Black and is seeking to have the entire case dismissed.

This latest development adds another twist to the ongoing legal battle surrounding Kodak Black’s arrest. As the motion to dismiss is considered, all eyes will be on the court’s decision and how it may affect the rapper’s future.