Kodak Black Arrested For Cocaine Possession And Probation Violation


Kodak Black was taken into custody again following his recent arrest for cocaine possession and violating the terms of his probation. The incident took place in Plantation, FL, where the rapper was found asleep in a black Bentley SUV that was obstructing a roadway. Law enforcement officials noticed a strong smell of cannabis emanating from the vehicle and proceeded to investigate further.

Key Takeaway

Kodak Black finds himself in legal trouble once again, as he was recently arrested for cocaine possession and violating probation. The rapper was apprehended in Plantation, FL, after officers discovered incriminating evidence in the form of cocaine and observed him trying to conceal it. This highlights the ongoing struggles Kodak Black faces in staying on the right side of the law while on probation.

Incriminating Evidence

Upon approaching the SUV, officers observed Kodak Black in the driver’s seat with the window partially rolled down. It was at this point that they noticed a Styrofoam cup emitting a strong odor of alcohol. Suspecting that there may be more contraband in the vehicle, the officer instructed the rapper to exit the car.

As Kodak Black turned away from the officer, a white powder substance began to fall from his mouth and onto the ground, illuminated by the patrol vehicle’s headlights. The officer also discovered several white rock-like objects on the ground next to the rapper, which he claimed were Percocet pills. However, subsequent testing revealed that the powder was cocaine.

Charges and Probation Violation

In light of the incriminating evidence, Kodak Black was arrested on multiple charges, including possession of cocaine, tampering with evidence, and violating the conditions of his probation. Additionally, he received a traffic violation for blocking the road with the Bentley SUV, which displayed signs of prior damage to its bumper and door.

It is worth noting that Kodak Black has faced challenges in adhering to the requirements of his probation in the past. Despite undergoing treatment and facing previous probation violations, the rapper continues to struggle with maintaining a clean record.