Kodak Black Released From Jail After Admitting To Probation Violation In Drug Case


Kodak Black, the popular rapper, has been released from a Florida jail after admitting to violating the terms of his supervised release due to a drug possession case. The “Super Gremlin” rapper will no longer have to deal with supervised release after being sentenced to time served without any further supervision. This development comes after weeks of incarceration following his arrest for drug possession in December, which triggered a probation violation.

Key Takeaway

Kodak Black has been released from jail after admitting to a probation violation in a drug case. His lawyer’s efforts and the revelation from lab testing played pivotal roles in the resolution of the case.

Kodak’s Legal Battle

Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, played a crucial role in advocating for his client. Cohen argued that lab testing proved the substance Kodak was caught with was not cocaine, but rather a prescribed medication. This assertion led to a significant turning point in the case, as it was determined through lab tests that the substance was indeed not cocaine. Additionally, Cohen addressed the conduct of the arresting officer, even sending a letter to the Mayor of Plantation, FL, Nick Sortal, expressing concerns about the officer’s actions and their potential legal implications for the city.

Family Matters

With his legal troubles behind him, Kodak can now focus on personal matters, particularly the impending arrival of his second child. His girlfriend is expecting, and his release from jail allows him to be present for this significant family event.